Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Then and now

Frequently, I go back into the archives of this blog -- when Deb, ML, and all were trying to find forever homes for Grace and brood. The first one with photos is amazing.

There's Grace, all skinny and calm. In the first photo, she has baby Audace zonked out in her arms, so to speak! He still likes to sleep like that -- upside down -- unless it's cold, and he's all cuddled up with his mom or brother (or both!).

The second one is of Grace by herself -- her sweet little face, just staring off into the distance, as if to say, "This too shall pass." She is still like that: very calm, very patient, very watchful. The post also describes her as weighing 6.5# and having a voracious appetite -- well, guess what! She doesn't weigh 6.5# anymore, and fortunately she doesn't have a voracious appetite anymore either. She will always step back if the boys want to eat first!! What a good mom!

The third photo is wonderful. There's Brutus by her back legs, not going to let anyone get to the food first, if he can help it, I'm sure! And there's Audace, separate from the others (at the bottom center of the photo) -- he still likes to be off by himself, unless it's cold, of course. And there are Marigold and Ruse (I can't tell which is which, frankly) in their mommy's arms. I'm not sure about Marigold, but I know Ruse likes to be close to someone -- his mom or his bro or me (as a last resort, usually!).

Their little personalities sure do come through early, don't they? How wonderful and amazing!


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

I like looking at those pictures from last year too. It's so great to have been able to see the little family grow up!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

It is so wonderful to have the pictures to remember and share.

None of this would have been possible, if Deb had not made a mad-dash to the SPCA to rescue Momma Grace and her beautiful family. And what we would have missed.

Marilynn said...

I cannot imagine life without these three little crazy-sweeties. Endless gratitude to Deb!!

Purrs from the three crazy-sweeties!!