Friday, July 09, 2010

Foster kitties - beautiful

Our grandbeans have cousins SW of Houston who foster cats and kittens for the
Houston SPCA. <~~Click here!

Their house is amazing, and the variety of foster and adopted kitties is amazing, too - in very good ways! Grace & Company were unaware, but we beans went visiting on Independence Day. We had a terrific time visiting all these wonderful little souls!

First up was a litter of five kittens who have no mama-cat. Three of them are in the photos below. They will be foster kitties here until they weigh two pounds. Then they will go back to the SPCA for hoo-ha-ectomies, shots, etc., and will be up for adoption. Aren't they beautiful?

And then there's Lucky! Here's the write-up about Lucky from the Houston SPCA's June newsletter:

A cat named "Lucky" came to The Houston SPCA with a broken pelvis and went to foster care for rest and rehabilitation. Because of the nature and location of the break, our medical team was not sure whether she would ever walk again, but everyone was willing to give her the chance. While in foster care, Lucky befriended all of the resident cats and charmed her foster mom. After 8 weeks of foster R&R, Lucky was re-examined, and the team determined that her injuries were permanent. Lucky became a "furr-ever foster" and a permanent addition to the family. They even purchased a custom made go-cart for her so she can run and play with the other kitties!

We love all the fosters and adoptees at our cousins' home. All are such fun and VERY individual!


Kea said...

Those kittens are just so precious! We hope they find wonderful homes when they're ready.

And Lucky is a pretty lucky kitty indeed!

Kudos to all involved!!!!

Marilynn said...

One of the neatest things about Lucky is that she wants to be the mommy-cat for all those kittens. She practically YELLS at them to come to her and get their baths! She is so precious to watch!!


Eric and Flynn said...

We are glad that Lucky has a forever home. The kittens are all gorgeous.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

What beautiful kitties! Lucky is just adorable! We sure hope that they all find forever homes!

Banana and Cheese said...

Those little babies are so cute! And Lucky is very cute too. She just wants to baby those little kittens!