Thursday, March 01, 2007

Cats cause trouble

Boy, these guys can sure cause trouble! I've been letting them play in the garage since I don't let them outdoors. They can smell the car's tires, walk all over it, slide down the windshield, and then explore the rest of whatever's out there. With my Camry in the garage -- no problems. However, Anne and I have switched cars for child-chauffeuring reasons, and when I park the Windstar in my garage, it's much taller, of course. Oh, all three cats loved that one!

First problem was when one of them batted at the non-functioning light in the center of the garage ceiling ... and broke it. There were large and small pieces of glass everywhere, of course, and I'm still cleaning it up. Then I discovered that my garage door opener's remote worked only about ten feet right in front of the garage door. As you can see in the photos above and below, at least one of my little jewels has been chewing on the antenna -- it used to be about 10" long, and had a decent range. Now it's about 2" long and has almost no range at all!

Little rats! Now, I let them play in the garage only when there's no car in there. Audace has a terrible entitlement problem -- he seems to believe he's entitled to play out there every single time I come home from anywhere!

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Derby said...

I like the garage too, but mum won't let me out there very often. She says it is too messy, salty, wet. Plus stuff that I shouldn't get into.