Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Grace sez...

I had to endure 8 days without my bean. =( Audace and Ruse slept a lot, as did I, but they also got a great kick out of chasing me ... and I hate that. I screamed a lot to let them know I don't like that game.

The grandbeans came over several times, thank heaven. Austen fed us and took care of our other daily needs; Parker and Kira came to share their lunches and to play. We liked that!

Our bean was visiting somewhere way up north where the weather must have really been cold and wet. When she returned, she had some very unusual smells on her and those big black rolling things she brought back into the house. Our noses were working overtime, trying to figure it all out. Here are photos of two critters whom she visited:



Now we're gearing up to tolerate all the fireworks that will be shot off by neighbors up and down the street and in the houses behind us. It'll be noisy, but we'll all huddle up with our bean, and eventually, all will be fine again. Also, our bean promises new photos and videos soon. I'll believe that when I see them!!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Precious little snow for us!! Sniff, sniff!

Snow was predicted for the whole area around Houston, and we were all excited. But, as it turned out, we got little flurries once in a while and NOTHING stuck to the ground! Nothing!! Our bean's blog (<~~click here) has a couple of photos and videos -- and you can see the almost nothingness of snow in this area! We, however, stayed toasty warm -- and never really noticed!

This morning, though, EVERYTHING outside is covered with white stuff! Our bean says it's frost (24 degrees right now), not snow, but we think it's pretty anyway!

UPDATE: Photos of frost!! ~~> click here