Friday, February 25, 2011

New Toys!!

A couple of weeks ago, a wonderful box arrived! Three star chasers were in it ... oh, joy!

One was destined to go to Anne's house for her kittehs to enjoy, but the other two stayed here for Audace and Ruse to have fun with!

And a couple of videos!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Pur-fur-mance Review for 2010

Hmmm! Where do we begin??

We - Grace, Audace, and Ruse - think our bean doesn't quite do us justice on this blog, even though we know that she loves us very much. Let's think of the reasons ...

She loves us --
~ She feeds us v-e-t-recommended food and keeps our weight under control so none of us ends up having to deal with diabetes or any other awful thing.
~ She buys climbing and scratching toys and furniture and lets us take over her house ... every single room!
~ She adores having us all nearby when reading, watching TV, writing at the computer, and taking snoozes, long and short!

However, she doesn't do us justice on this blog --
~ She doesn't keep the camera glued to her arm so that she could get action shots of when we are running, playing, chasing, etc. To look at this blog, we bet all our friends think all we do is sleep!
~ She's still not great at typing the words the way WE think and say them -- that's the English teacher in her, we guess. She can't help it!!

Now ... to address the criteria on this form ...

Quantity of Output: She gets about two paws; the only thing keeping her from getting two swats is that we know how much time and energy she has been spending at Princess's ... er, Anne's house in the last 10 months or so!

Quality of Output: She gets about three paws; there are still too many photos of us as we sleep, but when she does get a video of us in action, it's usually quite good!

Client Pawticipation: Among our blog, her email, and the CB, she does pretty well. This is amazing, considering everything!

Pawticipation (Part II): Here's where she really falls down, and we sincerely hope we see VAST improvement in 2011!!

Client Satisfaction: As much as she manages to post, yes, we think our friends like what they see. There just should be more of it!!

Overall Rating: Hmmm ... still thinking about this!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Princess, Anne's youngest cat, is always unpredictable. On this particular morning, she decided it was her job to warm up grandbean Austen's jacket before he put it on and went off to school. What a considerate kitty!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Results of being rambunctious!

After breakfast in the mornings, Audace and Ruse are usually VERY rambunctious - running around the whole house, chasing each other, jumping all over cat and bean furniture - just generally "full of it"!! Well, this morning, Audace knocked over one of the dining chairs, and then proceeded to look very non-chalant about it - as if he had planned it!

"See! Aren't I clever?"
PS: We got our order of Star Chasers today, and everyone loves them. We have three so there won't be any "fights" about whose is whose! The box they came in is also excellent entertainment at the moment. I'll be getting photos of all this soon, too!