Saturday, March 22, 2008

Playful agitation

Li'l devil Audace tried everything he could think of to agitate his mommy!
They were both lying on papers on the floor near my office chair, and Audace was clearly trying to get Grace's attention.

Look at the right and below - and you'll see Grace's paw! Audace succeeded!

And now the head-bath begins!

Ruse, however, was staying out of the way!

Friday, March 21, 2008


We've been wandering around, reading lots of kitty blogs today, and of course one we read was Missy and KC's. Wowza! What a lot of names!! And they're so much fun and meaningful for each kitty. We've been to The Taylor CatSSSSS, too, and find lots of kitty names. Fun!!

We have only one name each - Grace is Grace, Audace is Audace, and Ruse is Ruse. That's it!!

A great new toy!

Ruse is showing off the new toy that Anne gave them for their Easter present. They all love it: two noisy balls that go around on different levels, plus a springy mousey in which their claws get stuck!
Audace (left) and Grace (below) are showing how much they love their "old" toys and scratchers, especially with new 'nip on them!! And at the bottom of this post are a couple of movies I took last night.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Here's Ruse, in one of those positions that only cats can seem to dream up - and then come out of as if nothing untoward had happened, even if their beans think they're very un-graceful!

Friday, March 14, 2008


Audace was displaying amazing patience the other evening -- or else he was just tired after playing with that stuffed mouse! It had been thoroughly imbued with catnip, so of course it was a great prize! I'm still surprised that he allowed all that stuff to be ON HIM, though, long enough to take these photos!

Funky Friday!

Ruse (left) and Audace (below) have been driving Grace and me nuts lately. They run and chase and play and play and play with that turbo-ball-scratcher toy. They are full of it! Do you think they understand what "spring is sprung" means??
In these photos, they're resting after long chases - from the garage, through the house, around and into the living room or into my room and closet. They're wild with energy, especially in the mornings and just before I'm ready to head for bed at night. What crazies!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tummy Tuesday for Ruse

This is one of the few times I've seen Ruse sleep on his back with curled hind feet in the air. Audace does this all the time, but not Ruse! Cutie!!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Formerly feral ... Grace!

I guess you could say that Grace is a formerly feral cat, but she's turned into a wonderful companion who LOVES to snooze in the sunshine on the couch in the afternoons!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Two movies -- tissue and toys

Here are two recent movies of these little crazies playing with tissue paper and other toys.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Carnival of the Cats, #207

Welcome to the 207th Carnival of the Cats! Grace and Audace and Ruse have been lazing around all week, saving up their strength so they could put this together for everyone’s weekend pleasure.

Lots of purrayers are needed at Blog d’Ellison for Matata. Our friend Cabernet came through something very similar a few years ago, so we know Matata can, too. Be sure to stop by and give your purrrrrrrs and purrayers for Matata.

Boni at House of the (Mostly) Black Cats reminds us about the Squillions contest and other links to check out. Good reminders, Boni. Thanks!

All the crew at Artsy Catsy is hard at work making wonderful jewelry, bookmarks, and other lovely items – a fundraiser for CatBlogosphere and needed support for deserving causes.

George Online Cat answers all your burning questions; in this particular case, he’s letting you know how to handle visiting beans. Good insight here! Better than some of those “trick-cyclists” around!

Grace spends lots of time relaxing in front of (and guarding) the water dish - especially if there are ice cubes in it!

Ted is posing magnificently over at The Poor Mouth. We think he’s beautiful and would like to learn how to look so regal.

Guest cats, Cosmo and Vegas, make an appearance on Catymology. These two have a wonderful job that includes lots of hunting. Anyone need a pith helmet yet?

A place called Wildcat Sanctuary in Minnesota does a wonderful job of helping our kitty-kinsmen make it nicely through the winters - what a great idea these snowmen are! Thanks to Catymology for the photo and the link.

Jaxsun and Francesca over at Howling Hill are dealing with snow – LOTS OF SNOW! And they’re tired of it – even if the photos are gorgeous! Do you think the six weeks in Punxsutawney Phil’s latest prediction are about up?

Parker is showing us how silly he can be – and he is also watching LOTS OF SNOW outside Perfectly Parker’s abode.

The Catboys at Caturday are much more interested in indoor pursuits, such as grooming and purring. Who can blame them with the outdoors so gloomy?

At Pet’s Garden Blog, though, SonnyBob is celebrating SUNSHINE! Woo-hoo!

Nardo is hanging out in Piper's chair. We wonder if he's reminiscing ... or if he's practicing being cute so he'll get more pets and snuggles.

Beezer Song's Beezer is showing us how to take proper advantage of springtime - spring is about to spring, after all! We should all get ready, and then report on the fruits of our labors!

Audace relaxes in front of his toys - and he makes sure Grace and Ruse know that they ARE his toys! Funny boy!!

Over at JB’s Small World, we hear all about PooPoo’s visit to that place “with all those other animals” – good or bad results? We’ll let you see for yourselves. What a good storyteller! And then JB tells of some bad news – she feels abandoned. Purrs to you, JB. We love you.

K T Cat posed for a superb photo at The Scratching Post – sitting on a fence. No, not sitting on the fence, as in undecided. Just being beautiful on top of a fence!

Henry at Texas Oasis was getting ready for Leap Day – do you think he proposed to anyone??

Leap Day was also celebrated at StrangeRanger – great leaps, you guys! Are you joining a ballet company any time soon?

Tuxie Tuesday was celebrated by Chance – and look at those wonderful lazer eyes. How hypnotizing!

Rahel at Elms in the Yard continues to take marvelous photos of interesting kitties. Here’s a stripey kitty who posed nicely for her.

Chey is getting ready for her BIRTHDAY PARTY!! What a wonderful photo-collage for her. We love it! And did you get lots of great gifts, too?

It was a very successful day at composite drawings: Ti Grr managed to take down the Great Dread Mauge! Were there any treats in those pockets?

Eric and Flynn are having a wonderful Sunday lie-in on their special furs. Be sure to take a look to see how special their sleeping furs are.

Ruse is looking straight at me, for a change, and has a wonderful portrait without lazer eyes! Regal fella!

Beautiful little Faith has found her furrever home – right back where she started with Missy and KC! Ooooo, what a scary li’l kitty she is – all bitey and fighty!! (Yeah, right!) And guess what! She must have taught her former housemates well, too: The boys are back!

The very clever meeyauw gives us Lectionary Readings for the Fourth Sunday in Lent from the LOL Cat Bible. What a wonderful read! We were howling!!

At A Byootaful Life, the zippy Puddy finally finds a nice, cozy resting spot. But we want to know what’s wrong with playtime at 3 am? Huh?

Gattina at My Cats and Funny Stories is showing us how to properly conduct a thorough cleaning day. Great slideshow, Gattina!

Over at sisu, we can see the absolutely beautiful Snow Lion Tiny, who seems to be trying to tune out all the politico-babble we’re all bombarded with these days! We agree – It’s the technologies …

Luna is showing off her perfectly groomed self in juxtaposition with all the new electronics at catsynth. How marvelously smooth and regal Luna is, don’t you agree?

During the photo hunt, Samantha found a couple of pictures or herself and Tigger from last July. Fun, fun, fun at Life From A Cat’s Perspective!

And from Chey’s Place (and Gemini’s, too), here’s Chey on a photo hunt, too, and - best of all! - it’s Chey’s birthday!!

Cubby, at This That & The Other Thing, is learning to trust his new family. He plays just fine with the other cats in the family, but is only slowly learning to bond with his beans.

Izzy over at ilinfidel is showing off on Tummy Tuesday #80! Wow! That’s a lot of tummy-shots!! And here’s a stand-off at Mind of Mog: Meowza is making sure that Izzy understands exactly WHO is hosting this weekend’s Weekend Cat Blogging!

Nikita at Musings of a Mad Macedonian tells us all how she feels about moving around with her humans – and all the things that are so terrific about their current home. Great alliteration there, Nikita. Love it!

That’s it for now. If there are any late entries, please feel free to send them in, and we’ll add them this evening.

The CatBlogosphere is looking for hosts for future Carnivals. If you’ve a mind to show your creativity and contribute your talents, be sure to sign up here.

Join in on the fun next Sunday evening, March 9, when Carnival of the Cats #208 will be presented by Rocky at Artsy Catsy! And to find out about all the other catblogging events and contests and activities, be sure to go to The CatBlogosphere.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Ruse sez...

We're all busy helping our bean put up tomorrow evening's Carnival of the Cats #207. We hope you all will join us! And if you haven't submitted your entry yet, click here to send it to us.