Friday, June 27, 2008

Just a note...

We know we haven't been online much lately. Our bean has taken a few photos recently, but there has been precious little time to post, now that grandbeans are out of school for the summer. She spends a WHOLE lot of time with them, and we really miss her. They'll all go back to school one of these days, though, and then we'll have her back for the daytimes as well as the evenings.

Friday, June 13, 2008

for Stormie

Stormie is being helped to The Bridge today. All of us are heartbroken, but the fierce fight Stormie put up against cancer has been awesome and amazing.

Our bean has lost several precious kitties over time, three to particularly heart-breaking illnesses. Here is a poem that was sent to her when she lost Pluto in November, 2003, and which comforted her again in March, 2006, when Indy suddenly went to The Bridge:

"Grieve not,
nor speak of me with tears,
but laugh and talk of me
as if I were beside you ...
I loved you so -
'twas Heaven here with you."

– by Ilsa Paschal Richardson
We love you, Stormie, and we'll be praying and purring for your peaceful, painless trip to The Bridge. Please find Indy, Pluto, Stinky, and Friday for our bean and say "hello" to them for her. She still misses them all.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Our Gotcha Day!

We recently celebrated the second blogversary of Grace & Company, and today we celebrate Grace & Company's second Gotcha Day anniversary. Two years ago today was an exciting day -- when Deb and her daughters drove Grace, Audace, and Ruse to my house ... and we surprised Austen with the baby cats! What a marvelous day!!

And here's a fun video of the "boys" playing with their twine toys and of Grace stalking a frog on our back door window!