Sunday, June 28, 2009

Grace's two other babies!

Remember, Gracie had four babies! She and two of them (Audace and Ruse) live here with me (or do I live with them?), and two others (Brutus and Marigold) live in New Jersey with Rose and Emily. They are all so beautiful.

Be sure to visit to read the latest about Gracie's babies. Brutus needs all our purrs and prayers, and Marigold (aka Princess Emo!) needs her big bro to smell normal again! =)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Grace, the escape artist!

After having many cats over the years who were allowed indoor/outdoor privileges, and having dealt with all the v-e-t trips and bills because of fights, abscesses, illnesses, etc., I believe that having indoor-only kittehs keeps them healthier.

Well, Gracie doesn't want to cooperate. My beautiful little (very round!) girl likes to escape the house during the fleeting time the garage door is up while I'm backing out the car. So I've changed my routine (closing the door to the laundry room and the garage and then backing the car out), but she still manages to slip out at times. She's very sneaky! (We should have named HER "Ruse"!!)

So ... off to the v-e-t we go this morning. She needs all her shots updated.

For some reason, Audace and Ruse have never attempted to go outdoors. That's probably because they don't remember their first four days of life before Auntie Deb and Mommy ML rescued them all from the evil Houston pound!! Grace remembers, though, so it's a battle of wills between us!

I will win!! ♥

Thursday, June 18, 2009

International Cat Box Day, 2009! =)

Audace is exploring my wonderfully messy office. He loves all kinds of jumble, especially if there are boxes and paper to make lots of noise with.

Ruse discovered a terrific paper bag -- just as good as a box, he seems to think!

A good close-up of Ruse in the bag!

Audace can't make up his mind between fooling around with the Dasani box or the flat cardboard. Notice that the Dasani box is in one piece here!

Uh-oh! Now notice the Dasani box!! Didn't take long!

And some movies!! Such amazing energy in these young guys!

They love my messy office!

The best movie of all! Remember that Dasani box?
A & R were 4 months old here, and Grace was still very skinny!! What a trio!


We're huntin' up our photos now!!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Happy Gotcha Day to Grace and her boys

Happy Gotcha Day, my little jewels!

I'm in California at present, but will be home soon to celebrate with my li'l darlin's. They're getting good care from my grandbeans, though!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Happy 4th birthday, Gracie!

We've chosen June 1st to be Gracie's special day! It's very arbitrary, but pretty accurate, according to the first v-e-t we went to for shots and lady-garden-ectomy!

Here she is about 4 years and 1 month ago, just after her babies were born and all four of them were with Auntie Deb.

She was almost 2 years old when this one was taken. She and her boys were quite well settled into this household by this time! She's very relaxed!

Grace was between 2 and 3 years old in this shot -- she just couldn't seem to get comfy when all her boys wanted to do was to cuddle -- or at least be close by. No rest for the Mommy, you know!

Now ... here's one of her favorite spots to snooze -- right under my feet when I'm in my office chair! On this particular day, she was so zonked she didn't even know I had gotten up and grabbed the camera!

So HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY, my beautiful Gracie! We all love you around here, but no one loves you more than I do!!