Thursday, July 17, 2014

Our sweet cousin Cabernet, aka Cabbie

Our mom's daughter and her husband took their oldest cat, Cabernet, age 17, to the vet on the 15th and learned he was in acute renal failure. They opted for him to go to The Bridge instead of continuing to fail so rapidly on his own.

We'll all miss you, Cabbie. Such a beautiful and loving guy.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

We are lonely!!

We are very sad because our mom has been away from home since mid-June. Her girl has told us why, but we still miss her something fierce! Grace thinks she's stuck here with her two boys, but we all love it when mom's girl comes to feed us and play with us and just keep us company.

Her girl told us that our mom's mom had fallen and broken a very important bone. Our mom has been staying at her brother's while they make the arrangements needed for mom's mom's care and where she will live.

Here are some photos of all of us ... while we wait for our mom to get back home.

So ... we're just waiting ... trying to be patient!
But we're being very well cared for by mom's girl!!