Friday, August 31, 2007

New spot

Audace has discovered a new spot from which to watch the world - and sometimes our neighbor's big orange tomcat, Henry Jack. Ruse and Grace have found this windowsill, too, but Audace seems to like it best. He also likes the window near the front door, and Ruse likes the windowsill in my office. Grace still prefers HER spot on the top of the couch!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cat fight ... almost!

Here's Grace, doing something very out of character for her: instigating a cat fight! Audace was fairly unconcerned at first, but finally got the message that his mommy meant business!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The ice cube game

The other evening, Audace demanded ice for his water bowl. I obliged, and then caught some cute pix of him playing with the ice, under the watchful eyes of Ruse! I think Anne's right: Everything's a toy!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Helpful Ruse!

See how helpful Ruse was the last couple of days while we were putting together COTC #177 for yesterday? He's such a thoughtful little fella!

Maybe someday he'll help me clean up this mess I call an office!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Carnival of the Cats #177

On this hot and lazy Sunday, we welcome everyone to escape into the Carnival of the Cats #177 - including some photos of Grace, Audace, and Ruse from a year ago - and to enjoy an exceptional poem from their favorite book, Poetry for Cats, by Henry Beard:

To the Kittens,
to Make Much of Time
by Robert Herrick’s Cat

Get ye a human while ye may,
When you are still a kitten,
For by a cat too long a stray
Men’s hearts are seldom smitten.

Dinah’s kittens are starting to open their eyes. What little beauties these kittens are!

Hrimnir (age 19 weeks) has already learned to exert his own wishes in his own ways – and his simians have learned to pay attention NOW. Other cats in The House of Chaos have equally effective, but very different, ways of getting “attaintion.”

Beautiful Kokopelli plays a tune. Is there a movie of this so we can hear him, too? And how agile he is while helping his bean with her stretching exercises!

Dragonheart shares a fantastic moment with her best bud!

Miss Lizzie Bennett shows us her very best catblogging pose – marvelous!

Henry shows us the proper way to fall asleep.

Tiny was either remembering or trying to forget this feast! What a beautiful kitty pic! Tiny must have succeeded in whatever he was trying to do!!

Spike and Boo have some marvelous advice for those whose beans have become just too, too preoccupied with techy thingys lately!

BlueSkelton tells a story about his incredibly polite cat – amazing!

Aloysius at Catymology clearly explains the allure of two different kinds of feathers.

Here's Luna, another who is fascinated with anything that has feathers on it. She is also a marvelous lap-sitter and affection-pourer. Beautiful!

The master of yon cozy house
May wed a maid with puppies
Or set a trap to catch that mouse,
Or buy a bowl of guppies.

Woofie Casey – still looking really good!

Lisa and Siofra have been hard at work making beautiful things. Gorgeous!

Cat Addictions tells about a wonderful cat toy to beat all cat toys!

Ferdinand T. Cat has very astute advice: Be sure to pay attention to others who have ESP!

Is it Bagheera or really an alien overlord?? Take a lesson from Huckleberry, who has no worries about this topic … or anything else, it seems!

Cold rains will soon the summer drown,
And ice will crack the willow;
And though the snow is soft as down,
It makes a chilly pillow.

Captain the Wonder Cat went to the bridge this week. =( Read his family’s superb recollections of his life.

And anniemiz reminisces about one of her favorite kittypals, Archie.

K T Cat, the Maximum Leader, is now resting comfortably after recovering from a cold. We’re happy she’s on the mend. She's now gotten into the lolcat craze - LOL, K T Cat!!

Victor relaxes on this Sunday with his fev-vers!

Demonstrating the proper way to lay low during hot, sticky summer weather is Bows.

Megan (bad bean!) dared to forget an important event! Yikes!!

Here's a rare appearance by Seal. How gorgeous!

Cats ~ Goats ~ Quotes celebrate the beginning of their second year of blogging. What a beautiful photo to celebrate with!

Then hands that would have stroked your head,
When you came in from prowling,
Will hurl at you a boot instead
To halt your awful howling.

Samantha and Tigger show us the meaning of “row” – with LOTS of noise!

Ted was disgusted with his servant’s untidiness!

“I has ur iPhone!” LOLgato (aka Mister Gato) claims – fun, fun, fun!

From Mind of Mog – is she laughing or hissing – or just showing off her teeth?

Skeptical Orloff! How vigorously was he showing his feelings, anyway?

BadKittyCats give some lessons on making snotfaced postcard kitty cats!

A boring day at Chez Ranger? Ahhhh, I don't think so!!

Ohhh, the explorer-hunter-cat taking a nap in the sun, but in air-conditioned comfort (and divulging a little secret … shhh!), while Bazel and Jezi get their photo taken – well, Jezi managed to get in the way, actually!!

Boo and Ping jump and fight to see who’ll be TopCat!

Anonymous cat just seems to WANT to be stumbled upon!

If you’ve never treated yourself to a copy of Henry Beard’s book, Poetry for Cats, you’re missing the most wonderful book for cats among all those on the market – and there are some pretty, darned good ones out there! Grace and her boys love to hear these poems read to them. The stanzas above are from a poem that makes Grace and her bean laugh!

And so we conclude this week’s Carnival. Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to keep joining in on the fun. Next week’s Carnival of the Cats will be at StrangerRanger. And don’t forget the Friday Ark and next week’s Bad Kitty Cats Chaos Festival will be at House of the (Mostly) Black Cats.

Purrs … from Grace and crew!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Catch-up Monday

We know we haven't posted much lately. We've been VERY busy with kid-beans' activities, including getting our oldest kid-bean (Austen) ready to begin Summer Band at his school. This year he enters high school, so he has to be taught everything there is to know about marching in a band AND playing his clarinet (new music, of course!) at the same time! We also had to make sure the littlest kid-bean got to her swimming lessons on time for the past two weeks, and then we had to make sure they were sufficiently entertained (read: kept busy) for the rest of each day. Whew! Lots of hard work on all of us, kitties and mom-bean.

So now we can relax a bit. Here's how relaxing is done correctly!