Monday, October 29, 2007

Cooler weather snoozin'

For the first time since early spring, Audace and Ruse are cuddling up together for their long afternoon naps and lat nighttime snoozes. Daytime -- still the same -- on their own, but when it counts, when it's cooler and cooler in the house, they cuddle up!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Open windows, at last

Grace, Audace, and Ruse really love it when I open a window or two or three in the house. Finally, the weather has cooled down so that we can do this ... and here's Audace, enjoying the fresh air!

And here is a little video of Audace in the window.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cleaning up!

Frequently, Ruse cleans Audace or vice versa -- when their mom isn't cleaning one or the other. Now, they're all perfectly capable of independent cleaning, you understand, but I'm sure this is more thorough in some of those hard-to-get-to spots!

And here is a little video, showing that efficient cleaning action on Ruse's part. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

All tuckered out

Grace and Ruse were all tuckered out after their exertions while putting last weekend's COTC together! Audace, however, is not tired at all -- in fact he's plotting his next surprise attack on his mom and brother!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Carnival of the Cats, #186

Grace, Audace, and Ruse welcome everyone to the Carnival of the Cats, #186. We think some terrific posts have been sent in, and we hope everyone else enjoys them, too.

From Dusk and Dawn, we get to see Misia’s various playtime activities.

Here’s a question from Small and Big: Were these two separated at birth?

Luna at CatSynth has found the purrfect place to rest … in complete camouflage.

At Sisu’s, Tiny and The Babe show the polite way to wait for dinnertime – and, in addition, a new way to make animation became clear!

Bebe at The Poor Mouth asks what all the fuss is about human toys!

No Deep Thoughts posts a wonderful photo of KatieDon’t in repose – little Miss Innocent herself.

Very deep thoughts here: anniemiz asks what Clara could be thinking about. Maybe we all need to get a copy of the book Do Cats Think?

There’s a terrific Profile in Courage at The Scratching Post – magnificent!

Mind of Mog showcases some very adoptable and adorable kitty-cats. Not to be outdone by cuteness, there are some wonderful Meowza tummy-shots, too! And what fun when it’s boys’ night out!

Kitties galore at iInfidel on a Wordless Wednesday - well, it doesn't take words to describe this scene, does it?!

Dragonheart is getting ready for Halloween. Is everyone else making cool preparations, too?

Matata at Blog d’Elisson is just begging for a little attention. Isn’t she irresistible? Beautiful li’l tummy!

Kittykitty has made a reappearance at StrangeRanger – and what a beautiful kitty she is, too. Don’t skip the video!

Texas Oasis’s Henry gives us all a lesson on manners – and a terrific close-up photo.

Aloysius at Catmyology wonders about the lifespan of the feathers on a dreamcatcher he recently received.

Did TiGrr get more than he bargained for? See his mail-order bride and Kokopellibelli on composite drawlings!

Ferdinand T Cat, the Conservative Cat, shows us all the proper way to take a nap – and protect his Gremlin’s picture at the same time.

Hrimnir at The House of Chaos was caught fighting with a very strange saugage. Be sure to read the whole story – don’t peek at the ending first!

Musings at Windyridge shows us piles of laundry – and what their cat thinks of it!

Chey, at (where else?) Chey’s Place, demonstrates the BEST meezer laugh – wonder what the joke was!

Samantha and Tigger have a wonderful Life from a Cat’s Perspective – at the beautiful beach today. Life’s this easy on a Sunday morning, huh?

At Watermark, we can see a grand variety of cats in art – which do you like best?

Grace at MANX MNEWS is having a wonderful time playing and scratching and peeking around her playtoy.

This, That &The Other Thing provide us with a movie of Mouse and the screensaver – fun pix here!

Perfectly Parker and pals are showing off their wonderful toesies, nosies, tummies, and beautiful faces.

And what’s better than a meezer-pile, courtesy of crazy meezer.

Charles at sleepingmommy got a make-over – and the results are wonderful. He’s even embarking on new territory!

At Elms in the Yard, Rahel celebrates some friends’ birthdays with excellent photos of several cats, including (of course) Lady in Red.

Aha! A cautionary tale for chefs – and their cats! – from The GOOD, The BAD & The MISCHIEF – “Gourmet Cat.”

And a wordless tale with a help-yourself kitty in it from Mind of Mog!! We are laughing ourselves silly about this one!

Here’s a little mystery story from murmuring trees called “Intruder Alert.” Just the thing as we all make our preparations for Halloween!

And last, but definitely not least, is a wonderful poem at qarrtsluni called “Known Them.” Be sure you don’t pass this one by! It’s a wonderful read.

We'll be adding posts that come in after we publish ... so if you haven't sent yours in yet, please do so! Here's the submission form.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

BIG boy!

Audace is SOOOOO big. Noticeably larger than Grace and Ruse. Just look at the size of those feet! (I put my foot into the pic for comparison; I wear a women's size 8 shoe!!)

BIG boy! And full of zip and mischief!