Monday, January 21, 2013

Auction to help a friend

We have sent photos of many of the kitty books in our bean's collection to be included in this auction to help Sallie and her family with vet costs. 
Read all about Sallie HERE.
Emergency runs to the vet can really rack up the $$$ owed, and we know what that feels like. No fun at all.

Here's Ruse, helping to choose the books!!

And here's a link (click HERE) to the auction.

Let's all help raise the money this family needs!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Our cousins!

Just in case anyone forgot, we have three cousins who live with our bean's daughter and family. They live only about a mile from us, but we know each other only through photos!

First up is Kitty. In this photo, he had just awakened from a nap in his favorite box! Isn't he beautiful?

Then there's Princess Meow Meow, the cut-up in the family. She is always thinking up new ways to drive her beans nuts, including running outside in the rain and then surprising them by her wetness ... when they didn't even know she had gotten out! Little imp!!
In the photo below, she was lying on her fave bean's backpack ... trying to make sure he wouldn't leave again ... but alas! He did!!

And here he is, at age 16, the fabulous "old man" of the family: Cabernet! He made the moves from Indiana to California to New Mexico to California to Virginia to Texas. He hates thunderstorms, and once he runs and hides in the house, no one can find him! He usually chooses some cozy space deep in a closet!