Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ruse and Audace discover the car!

Ruse has been showing curiosity about the inside of the car (and one day, the inside of the trunk!), so this morning I opened the door to see how far inside he and Audace would wander. They were in there a good half hour. Made me laugh!!

 Ruse, after inspecting the back seat 

 Ruse, sitting pretty ... and very proud of himself!

 More inspecting ...

 Audace, checking out the side of the front passenger seat ... silly!

Audace, after inspecting the footwells of the back seats. There must be some REALLY good stuff back there, as it took him a while!

I can see, though, that I'll have to be really careful about driving into the garage. Since they now show no fear of the car, I'm afraid for them. I guess I'll have to park outside, then feed them, then pull into the garage while they're busy eating!!