Saturday, February 23, 2008

All is fine, thank heaven!

All seems to be fine after these guys' confrontation with the neighborhood "big boy" named Henry Jack. After I saw all those white and orange tufts of fur outside, I was concerned, and I've kept running my hands over both Audace and Ruse to make sure there are no injuries that I couldn't find right away.

No problems, though - no lumps or bumps or weird behavior indicating illness or infection. All is fine!

All these photos were taken by Parker - maybe we have a budding photo-grapher in our midst!

Sunday, February 17, 2008


When I left today to go to church, I left the window of the office (computer room) open. We had icky, sticky, stormy weather yesterday and last night, so I thought Grace & Company would like to sniff the clean outdoor air. They love it when that window is open.

Well, I forgot to close it before I left ... which I've done before, but there haven't been any mishaps. Today, however, when I got home, the window was still open about 10 inches, and the screen was off. My heart was pounding! So I ran indoors and started counting cats; then I ran into the office and shut the window. All three are here, with no extra neighborhood cats in the house! All three seem fine, except that they're now sticking to me like glue! Anne says I need catcams to know what they do in here whenever I'm gone.

The photos below show the screen before I put it back on, plus several pix of the tufts of fur that are out there. Now to go and inspect cats for any possible injuries -- I think it'll be Audace, if anyone.

UPDATE: I've run my hands over all three, and there don't seem to be any injuries -- but then I know they don't always show up right away. I'll keep checking. I think, though, that they were more mentally shaken than anything -- they're so spoiled with this whole house (and no outdoors) to romp around in!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lazy days

Here are a couple of photos showing what Grace and Audace like to do on lazy afternoons -- almost nothing! Ruse, however, can't keep still. As soon as I approach with a camera -- zip! -- he's off and running!
Notice Audace's tongue? He must be thinking of food!
Grace is such a joy -- loving and graceful. Deb did such a great job naming her!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Another new toy!

Midge sent us a "Thing in a Bag," and Grace and her boys didn't quite know what to make of it at first. Now they do, though. Enjoy the photos and little movies, too.