Saturday, October 07, 2017

We are loved!

We can talk about this now -- a bit over a month after Hurricane Harvey stalled over the Houston area. We are very grateful that our house didn't flood, but our food lady didn't want to take chances, as the water in the street kept rising up our front yard and the driveway. 

Our food lady decided to move us all to her daughter's family's house. Their street was flooding, too, but since they have a two-story house, we could all move upstairs if we needed to. The three of us were ensconced in their guest bedroom upstairs, and while it was NOT fun for all three of us to be stuck in one room together (and with our food lady overnight), we were safe. Very unhappy, but safe!

Below are two photos that show how we were moved to the two-story house. In the first photo, you can see our food lady's grandson (at the right) who is tall enough and strong enough to carry Audace in his carrier above the water, which was about two feet deeper at the previous intersection! Our food lady was in the pink jacket. 

Then (second photo) the nice, tall grandson and his dad went back to get Grace and Ruse. You can also see our food lady's grandgirl who had guarded us until her dad and brother could go back to get us.