Saturday, July 21, 2012

Snoopervising kids!

We have been busy, busy, busy. Our grandbeans have been keeping our bean busy, chauffeuring them to driving school, ROTC, and volleyball practices and games ... and then this past week, the grandbeans actually came and LIVED at our house! They really kept us busy ... no time for good long naps! We had to make sure they were playing their video games correctly, eating all the right junk food, and on and on.

Here you can see Audace, snoopervising while grandbean Parker played some war game on our TV.

Ruse was usually snoopervising whatever grandbean Kira was doing, and Grace parked herself in the middle of the floor at the entrance to the kitchen so everyone would have to step over her whenever he or she went to the kitchen to get more junk food! All kittehz in this house have now disappeared into their various fave napping spots. LOTS of snoozin' to catch up on, that's for sure!