Friday, July 27, 2007

Audace eats dinner

When Audace decides to eat dinner, the others back off! Then he lies there on the floor next to the food dish, takes a bite of food, drops it on the floor or the mat, and THEN he eats. What a funny cat!

Ruse watches and waits!

Grace looks on from above, out of the way. She prefers to guard the water dish.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Mouse did that for a long time too! I'm not sure why ... but he doesn't do it anymore.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Well, we know who is in charge of the food! These boys are so cute! Grace is so beautiful!!

Love, Deb

caspersmom said...

I think we all have our different ways of eating. Looks like Audace takes his time and enjoys every mouthful. That's good.


Ann said...

That's so funny :-) A few years ago I had a cat named TJ who did the same thing. She'd kick the food out of the bowl and then eat it off the floor. I could never understand why she did that. Lol!

But the treat was watching her drink water. She never drank directly from the water bowl. She'd dip her paw in and then lick it off. :-D