Saturday, March 31, 2007

Water solution?

I think (I hope!) I've helped the little water-play solution be more Grace-friendly! She did NOT take to jumping into the bathtub every time she wanted to eat or have a drink of water. The first photo below shows our prior set-up. Those are just thick placemats under each bowl, but the one under the water bowl was our problem. Everything was getting soaked -- the placemats, the floor, etc. So...

... I took a still-usable (damaged a bit by you-can-guess-who!) vinyl tablecloth and put it under the water dish. Now we'll see if this works.


Pearl C. Pritchard said...


Clearly Grace and Audace are starved for attention! This is why they're making a water mess.

I think you must spend more time stroking and cuddling them and maybe buy them an expensive water fountain. Also... some cat nip and other treats... yeah... that's what they need.

Love, Pearl.

Marilynn said...

I spend lots of time with Grace & the boys, and they have plenty of toys, too. The catnip probably needs to be refreshed! And I have a new container of kitty grass I need to get started.

I think this is mostly play, and partly finding the water's surface. I'm not sure they can see it very well in the particular kitty bowls I have. Mostly it's Audace; sometimes it's Ruse. It's never Grace! Audace likes to smack the water surface, then lick his paw, then take a nice long drink. Ruse smacks the water surface and then licks water off the floor, as well as from the water dish.

I'll be experimenting. They are my precious little jewels, and I know they aren't doing anything malicious. They're not even a year old yet -- two more weeks until we celebrate birthdays!!