Sunday, May 28, 2006

Please Help These Kittens...

Please help us find loving "forever homes" for Momma Grace and her four beautiful kittens, Brutus, Marigold, Foster and Pete.

This kitten family was saved in a heroic last minute rescue by Debra Taylor of Houston, Texas. Deb rushed to the Houston SPCA just in time to save the kitties from euthanization.The kittens are now five weeks old (5/27/2006) and are hoping to find homes in the next few weeks.

They are patients of The Houston Cat Hospital and have all been given clean bills of health.

For more information on any or all of these cats, please contact
Debra Taylor.

You can also find additional information and photos at Kat's Cat of the Day and Pet du Jour.

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deb said...

Thank you ML for creating this wonderful website! Update on the kittens:

Foster,Brutus,Pete & Marogold are now using the "big boy/big girl" potty! Last night Pete "scarfed" down a lot of wet kitten food. The others tasted it. Brutus likes to drink water from the bowl. Grace & I are very proud of them!