Sunday, October 22, 2006


During the month of July, we were captivated by all the different kinds of play that our new babies found fascinating.

They loved the new stuff we brought home (e.g., flexible cubes that hook together, special from Target!) as well as the stuff that was already around the house (empty laundry basket!). They chewed on anything small and cylindrical, so we had (still do) to keep them away from computer cables and electrical cords.

But the most fascinating thing to me was not only the amount of time they slept, but that they always were together when it was naptime -- always. They needed to touch each other, whether they were in full body contact or just one foot each!

Grace, of course, was ever watchful -- and still did all the the cleaning, caring, feeding things she seemed to believe was her duty! Such an excellent mom!!


Anonymous said...

mmm...cord chewing! that's one of my favorites. my sister Midnight prefers to claw, and my other sister Grr likes to growl, but I'm a chewer!

Anonymous said...

Oh it is so cute that they always nap together. Nice pictures.