Thursday, October 19, 2006

Re-naming kittens

When Deb brought Grace to us, she also brought Pete and Foster, whom my older grandson considers his own. He decided to re-name them -- to match their personalities. Heh! How can you tell that much about a kitten's personality at less than 2 months of age? Well, Austen played with them, watched them, fed them, etc., and sure enough -- the names he chose continue to suit them well.

Pete became Audace because he acted so boldly, barging right in where he seemed to think he belonged, where he was entitled to belong! This little guy continues to act like this. Whenever I come home, he's right there near the door to greet me. Whenever he sees anything interesting outside (such as one of the neighborhood cats!), he goes right up to the door or window to peer out at it and see what's what. At night, when I'm watching TV, he expects to cuddle up right next to me. He's been doing this all along.

Foster became Ruse because he's such a little imp, very sneaky, very tricky! He's always trying to get where he shouldn't go (such as in my own room or the computer room, the only no-no rooms in the house)! When he does make it into my room, he immediately skitters under the bed so I can't get him. I've learned not to bother chasing him. He'll come out eventually!

Deb and others referred to these guys as the twins, and they really do look alike. The primary way we can tell the difference is that Audace has more white on his little face, as well as a white patch on his back. Ruse has more orange on his face and all over his back. Both have this wonderfully soft and very white fur on their chests and tummies. They are perfect candidates for Tummy Tuesday posts!

These guys have truly wormed their ways into all our hearts -- and by "our" I mean myself and my daughter's family. They are loads of fun, really beautiful, and very loving. I wouldn't trade them for anything.


KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

Loved this post defining their personalities. Oh, they are so adorable.

Anonymous said...

it wasn't that long ago that they were just tiny balls of fluff!