Friday, November 10, 2006


It's taken all week to get this computer back together. My son-in-law, Ken, ran the recovery CD which essentially wiped out everything on the hard drive and reinstalled Windows. Then of course, Windows had to update itself umpteen times -- and one nice result is the installation of IE7. I like the tabbed browsing feature best of all! Then Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday were spent getting all the programs re-installed --the ones I care about, that is. I also was praying that all the data backed up on my Seagate external drive would work -- and it all did. Hooray!

Audace and Ruse had to help, of course, and Grace just kept her distance! Audace (above) was inspecting all the nice noisy things in the closet in this room (strictly an office, cannot serve as a bedroom without MAJOR changes!). Ruse (below) is fascinated by any open window, so that's where he settled himself. For once, it was Audace who was getting into stuff, and Ruse who was being the nice boy!

I'm sure happy to have everything back ... and cannot thank Ken enough for his patience and know-how.


Anonymous said...

nuffin effur gets dun rite wifout the help of kitties. good fing ya had sum ta soopervize.

Gattina said...

Wow, that would be something for my cats, two of them LOVE computers and always "help" me a lot. Especially when they walk on my keyboard and create files and folders and programs come out which I didn't even know of ! Yes, you are right IE 7 is great, but I didn't learn yet how to use the tabs ! I hope that everything is OK by now !