Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Annual visit

This afternoon, Grace and her two boys have an appointment at the V-E-T's office for their annual shots and check-ups. I'm sure they'll be VERY angry with me for a while, but -- oh, well -- it's for their own health.

Although sometimes I wonder ... since they are indoors-only kitties, why should I bother with all this? I used the flea med only once (last fall), but they were so freaked out with anyone messing with their bodies, I decided not to do that again. It's not really necessary; they don't go outside!

I'll take photos to post later. They'll be so confused, but they'll get over it.

UPDATE: Posting photos "later" turned out to mean posting them the next day! Dratted ol' Comcast, anyway!


Just Ducky said...

Mum skips the flea and tick stuff with me since I don't go outside. But because I have to go stay at the kittie spa I have to have my shots. Otherwise I couldn't stay there.

Colleen said...

My cat is almost 7 years old, and I've only taken him to the vet twice. Once for an initial check up when he was a kitty, and once to have him fixed. He is strictly indoors, and he hasn't had any major problems, so I don't take him. But that's just me!
~Colleen :)