Monday, October 12, 2009


I know, I know! I need to get some new pix posted here!

Today, Austen and I took Audace and Ruse to the v-e-t (Grace went in June) for their vaccinations. Since they're indoors all the time, I don't worry if a year (or even a year and a half) slips by between trips for shots! This morning, though, we also took along the little guest who has adopted Austen's back yard! I need to get some photos of her, too. They are calling her Princess Meow Meow, but I'm sure that'll get shortened at some point.

Photos will be up soon ... I promise!!



Prince Brutus said...

How do the boys take to going to the v-e-t? Brutus outwardly loathes his vet, becoming a hate-filled, menacing near 18 lb Letal Force!
When I think about the times it was so easy to get him into the carrier, it's like I'm remembering a different cat!
Marigold shows adamant displeasure, but submits to the indignity!

Purrs and whisker-scritches
The Royals

Marilynn said...

Audace is horrible. Ruse isn't much better!

I asked if they could trim these guys' claws (which are almost like talons at the moment), but both were terribly uncooperative and nasty. Getting their shots was enough. I don't think the v-e-t wants to see them again any time soon!

Grace just loves everyone. When I took her in (in June), she was purring so loudly that the v-e-t could hardly hear her heartbeat!!